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Mission and Vision

Our mission is the improvement of Serbian health care, by raising the success of our business partners to the next level with timely and adequately meeting the needs of customers in an efficient and economical way.

As a reliable and professional partner, our vision is to round out and develop partnerships, following the strategy of the suppliers and meeting the needs of the customers. We created our new business model to offer to whole Serbian market good quality pharmaceutical products with equal conditions and best distribution, regardless of location and distance.


Our strategy is simple, yet unique and therefore achievable – attracting and building strong relations with our supplier and customers and paying constant care to sustain and improve the existing business processes and if needed adopt new, more innovative ones

Velexfarm is devoted to constant care for people’s health by supplying pharmacies at any given moment with necessary pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical products at any time.

In the following period, we plan to spread our business in multiple directions – from direct cooperation with more foreign manufacturers and stronger presence in the pharmaceuticals market.
We are aware that launching and placing quality on the market is demanding and challenging enough. Being determined to accept that challenge as well we plan additional assortment expansion in the upcoming period.

We achieve our strategic goals by acting tactically and on time regarding the optimization of business processes, efficient use of time and resources, and improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Our Team

As a team, we believe in the “step forward” future, innovation, reliability, care and transparency

In order to meet the needs and demands of our partners in the timeliest manner, we have formed a professional and flexible team. It includes highly-motivated people who are entirely familiar with wholesale of pharmaceutical products and who possess in-depth know-how about Serbian pharmaceutical market.

The following provides a short overview of our managers who are leading a team which has grown to over 80 people.

Our Suppliers

Our doors have been and will be open to our suppliers as we pursue fairness in all business transactions. We stand for free fair and transparent trading

We do not perceive our business segment only as a link between production and end-consumer. Striving to take an active role in our segment of the pharmaceutical distribution process we also offer our partners consulting services on their activities, based on the current market conditions and trends.

We guarantee dedicated work on the placement of supplier’s products, while offering different marketing tools which can help to improve monitoring and sales of their products.

  • Hemofarm
  • PharmaSwiss
  • Zdravlje Actavis
  • Galenika
  • Alkaloid
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Pfizer
  • Laboratorie Innotech International
  • Berlin Chemie AG (Menarini Group)
  • Merck KGaA
  • Bayer HealthCare
  • Abbot
  • Pharmanova
  • Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Engelhard Arzeneimittel
  • Gedeon-Richter
  • Sanofi Aventis
  • Teva
  • Alcon
  • Hemomont
  • Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare
  • Les Laboratoires Servier
  • Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Takeda GMBH
  • Aziende Chimiche Riunite Angelini Francesco
  • Zambon Switzerland
  • Astra Zeneca
  • Abela Pharm
  • Panacea
  • Famar Orleans
  • Sandoz
  • Esensa
  • Crystal Derma
  • ESI
  • Niva
  • Biofar
  • Schering Plough
  • Ursapharm
  • F. Hoffmann la Roche
  • Veterinarski zavod – Zemun
  • Vitabiotics
  • Anpharm Przedsiebiorstwo Farmaceutyczne
  • Krka
  • Meda Manufacturing GMBH
  • Institut Josif Pančić
  • Nutricija
  • Bosnalijek
  • Grubin
  • Jasvel
  • Medico domus
  • Anafarm
  • Meilab
  • Takeda
  • PharmaS
  • Eko farm
  • Slaviamed
  • Ufar
  • Allergan
  • Fidifarm
  • Maxlab
  • Innventa pharm
  • Elephant Co
  • Walmark
  • Dr. Falk
  • Solgar

Our Clients

A customer comes first ! We are only successful if our customer is successful so that we will do our best to enable that

Velexfarm builds partnerships. Through an interactive relationship, we are able to learn about the needs of our clients, to offer the best solutions, exchange tips that will help us both become better, and to work, create, and improve our relationship together towards health!

We insist on quality. We also set challenges to each other to improve the quality of work. We recognize that growth in business is generated through good practice, honesty, transparency and accountability. We are well aware of each client’s location and their distance from our distribution center. We have created a business model which provides everyone with equal access to quality pharmaceutical products, whether through direct sale, via phone or a B2B portal.

When it comes to safety and quality management, we fully adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 certifications. We take these standards seriously, they serve as a guarantee for our constant effort to enhance responsibility and the awareness of employees, and to show that greater customer loyalty can be earned only through more efficient and innovative work, as well as by higher quality of our services. Thanks to such business guidelines, we succeeded in reaching significant sales results in the previous period.

We treat our customers, clients, partners and colleagues with dignity and respect. Diversity builds strength in our team. We are most productive when we are recognized and respected by colleagues and we are encouraged to contribute more in line with our abilities, knowledge and skills.

Our business approach has been recognized by over 550 privately and state owned pharmacies with over 1800 delivery points.



Our efficiency currently entails an average delivery of about 7400 transport boxes on a monthly basis in the Belgrade’s wider city area and over 11000 boxes in the rest of Serbia

We are able to meet our client’s needs and offer appropriate service in a timely manner. We monitor distribution with modern software which connects the company with its suppliers and customers.

Doing business with Velexfarm is easy and pleasant. Wherever a purchase has been agreed and closed our goal is always the same – the success of our clients is our success.

We act with responsibility and care of the products we place to the market. The distribution practice in our industry demands highest quality, which also goes for storage conditions. From the very start, we perform our logistics from one of the biggest and most modern pharmaceutical warehouses in Serbia. Under ideal conditions and respecting the latest pharmaceutical distribution rule and standards, we take care of each product in the warehouse space, which has the storage capacity of 2900m2.

We are aware that medication is something that is needed “right away”. In order to make sure that products arrive just in time to our warehouse and later to our customers we have formed our own transportation fleet consisting of 15 vehicles. Moreover, we have outsourced professional transport service from logistic partners, who further deliver to our customers. Our logistic can assure daily distribution to the entire Serbian market.

Our products

Velexfarm goes step forward into the business by launching its own products to the market: SKIZZ – vegan lip balm and VOLIZIVOT elixir prophylaxis against depression. Both products are 100% natural and produced according to the highest quality standards by our outsourced production partners.

Social Responsibility

We founded Foundation VoliŽivot (Love Life) with mission to use informal and creative educational programs to stimulate children of different age to develop their potentials, acquire good life habits and grow as healthy, satisfied, fulfilled and happy individuals.

We do not measure our success only in terms of efficiency and financial results. Rather, we consider our responsibility towards the community we live in and towards people we live with as our key measure of success. From the very beginning Velexfarm supported a number of social and humanitarian actions.

One of them, the humanitarian action ZDRAVA SRBIJA – VOLI ŽIVOT (“Healthy Serbia – Love Life”, www.zdravasrbija.rs), supported by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Sports and Youth, Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, as well as the Centre for Youth “Your Serbia”, had an aim to help children express their creativity through drawing and develop awareness about the significance of healthy nutrition, sports, or how to avoid accidents and dangers posed by addiction diseases.

We were further inspired by creative expression in painted strip to support the project SVET OKO NAS (“The World Around Us”, okonas.org.rs), in which children learned about the significance of better understanding between people, based on respect and tolerance of each other’s cultures.

Our founder, Velex GmbH participates in the global project Orange Babies (orangebabies.org), which offers help and support to HIV-infected pregnant women, mothers and babies in Africa.

Encouraged by good response to these humanitarian activities, we decided to take a step further in that segment, so in December 2014 we founded a humanitarian organization we named VoliŽivot.

Our belief is that happier and better future can turn into reality if children at young age acquire positive life approach necessary to find peace within themselves and their environment.


Doing business fairly and transparently, in accordance with the legal regulations and internal compliance procedures, Velexfarm announces information on transfers of values to health institutions and professionals and the amount of the funds spent for that purpose. Information on the previous period is published on corporate website in line with Methodology.


Vacancies for new people are always open and we invite all those who have expertise in the pharmaceutical industry and the desire to work in a dynamic and prosperous environment to send us your CV to office@velexfarm.rs

Become our customer

Contact us, we are always at your disposal.

For more information, fill out the contact form, one of our sales managers will contact you.

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